Welcome to Citi Terrace!

We are a unique and trendy restaurant, bar, and lounge located in Canterbury, High Street. Our talented chefs have created a fusion menu with a twist, bringing you different tastes from around the world in every dish and for those with a sweet tooth, we bring you delicious desserts including cakes, waffles and milkshakes.

Our extensive drinks menu includes floral teas, Illy coffee, and an array of cocktails prepared by our talented bartenders. To add to your experience, our outdoor terrace is a captivating and relaxing place to lounge and enjoy a shisha customized by you from our exclusive range of flavours. Join us at Citi Terrace for a truly memorable experience in Kent.

Our Unique Drinks & Dishes

Our talented chefs have created a delicious and adventurous fusion menu bringing you a variety of flavours from around the world merged together in single dishes.

Our creative bartenders have put together a fun drinks menu for you with a variety of cocktails, gins, wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

What's On

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm


Live DJ every Friday and Saturday from 7pm!